Recognition of your vocational qualifications in Germany

Would you like to live and work in Germany? And are you looking for a job in an area in which you already hold a qualification?

Then you need to check whether your professional or vocational qualifications that you have acquired abroad are recognised in Germany and whether you need an official Certificate of Recognition. Official recognition is required for certain occupations (e.g. doctor, teacher or nurse) and, in any event, it can improve your chances in the German job market.

Use the portal “Recognition in Germany” to find answers to your questions.

Here, you can use the Recognition Finder to check whether it is necessary to have your professional qualifications recognised and which authority is responsible for the recognition procedure. The portal also gives you all the information you need on the course of the recognition procedure, the documents you need to bring with you, and the fundamental legal aspects.

The portal is available in German, English, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Polish and Turkish.
Recognition in Germany is the official portal for recognising foreign professional qualifications in Germany.

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Why is it necessary to have your professional qualifications recognized in Germany? And how does recognition actually work? The video explains the legal background and initial steps in English.